The team is composed of the leading experts in their fields:

  • CNRS, ULANC,ESPCI, FEMTO-ST, URCA, VTT and ICN have been involved in the “Advanced Metrologies” pillar of the CNRS European network “Thermal Nanoscience and Nanoengineering”
  • Other partners are leading groups in the areas of thermal nano-measurements and nanofabrication (GU, EPFL, NANOTEST), thermal nanometer-scale  instrumentation (NT-MDT, KNT),
  • Industrial users having significant applications in the nanothermal area (THALES, PICOSUN, CONPART, MRT) and national metrology institutes (LNE, NPL, CMI).

Naturally many of these organizations have expertise in more than one area relevant to the proposal.

Consortium collaboration