The planned scientific and technical methodology of QUANTIHEAT can be divided into five steps preceding the project application activity. The figure below specifies these different steps that correspond with the main objectives of the project.

1. Establish an agreed common basis for the comparison of thermal nano-measurements.

2. Develop samples to specify Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) methods in terms of local thermophysical measurement possibilities and of relevance to assist novel nanomaterials manufacturing processes.

3. Develop new modeling tools to characterize the relationship between the measurable thermophysical (thermal and thermomechanical) key parameters of the developed samples through the nanoscale to the higher order scales.

4. Develop of new advanced SThM tools and instruments to advance the state-of-the-art in micro and nanoscale heat transfer.

5. Evaluate the reproducibility of the existing SThM methods used and novel instruments developed by partners.

6. Demonstration of the capabilities of SThM on standard nanostructured materials and next-generation ones and real nanoprocesses.