Management structure

The management structure will support the delivery of the vision and goals of QUANTIHEAT, by facilitating partner interactions, supporting decision-making processes, ensuring efficient reporting and engaging with outside stakeholders.

  • The coordinator of the project is CNRS. His primary role is to represent the Consortium towards the European Commission and to ensure the management of the project. The Coordinator will be represented by the Project Office composed of the Scientific Coordinator, Dr Séverine Gomes, and the Project Manager, Sylvie Rault.
  • The General Assembly is the decisive body of the consortium and consists of representatives from all partners.
  • The Executive Board is in charge of day-to-day management issues.  It is composed of the Project Office, the  Subproject leaders (SP leaders), the  WP11 leader and the  WP12 leader.
  • The Scientific Board consists of the Work Packages Leaders. It will coordinate scientific and technological issues.
  • The External Advisory Board consists of industry, academic and users stakeholders in the field of scientific metrology equipment and standards, and nanomaterials. The participation is formalized through the signature of a Letter of Interest (LoI). Members of the Advisory Board participate on a voluntary basis. There is no contractual obligation to the consortium, but mutual interest to cooperate and exchange ideas. Nevertheless it is understood that a successful collaboration relies on active participation. The External Advisory Board is currently represented by :
    • Dr. Sébastian Volz, Director of CNRS European Network "Thermal NanoSciences and NanoEngineering", expert in nanoscale heat transfer modeling,
    • Dr. Mathieu Francoeur, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of UTAH, expert in near-field heat transfer.
    • Dr. Antoine Ghanem, Principal Scientist - Materials Characterization, SOLVAY, R&I Centre Brussels.

The QUANTIHEAT management structure can be symbolized by the following chart: